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MLSPC List of Negotiated Agreements

MLSPC logoSince its inception, the Michigan Life Science Purchasing Consortium (MLSPC) has met and negotiated with a variety of Scientific and Medical suppliers. Each of these companies is used the majority of participating institutions.

The consortium negotiates contracts and pricing agreements to ensure that the best service and pricing is extended to each of the member institutions.

Listed below are Agreements that have been negotiated by the MLSPC. Agreements include the negotiated discounts available to researchers from any of the participating Institutions. For more detailed information, contact your Purchasing professional by clicking the link below.

Download the list as XLS or see the table below:

Contact Information for each Member Institution can be found on our Institutional Membership page.

Last Updated 2-26-2013
By Kim Tomaszewski

Michigan Life Science Purchasing Consortium  --  Negotiated Agreements
Contract Vendor Discounted Items Agreement # Discount Start Date End Date Renewal Comments
1 Affymetrix Arrays 30230 80% to 85% 03/01/03 12/31/13 Evergreen  
2 Applied Biosystems Schedules A-D ID Q4FY2 Various 06/01/02 12/31/13 Price Schedule Discount schedules for: Instruments, Thermal Cyclers, Reagents/Consumables, Standing Orders, Freezer Programs, Warranty & Service Programs
3 Baker Company Biological Safety Cabinets NC-020107 Tiered 05/15/02 12/31/13 Annual

Tiered discount ranges from 4% to 24%; standard warranty 3 years; MLSPC warranty full four years.

Purchased through D.A.I.

4 Beckman Coulter   MLSPC-1002   10/01/03 12/31/13 Annual


5 DOT Scientific         12/31/13 Evergreen  
6 Sanyo Sci./DAI Sci Freezers, incubators   Tiered 09/01/03 12/31/13 Evergreen Purchased through D.A.I.